With value based care protocols taking shape and consumer centered healthcare driving the migration of surgical services to low cost sites of service, it is critical that providers have a seat at the table with payors and employers to actively participate in directing their patients to the most appropriate setting for their care. Value based contracts that include bundled payments, affecting not only the facility you perform your surgical cases in as well as your professional fees but also your patient’s out-of- pocket liability, are being implemented in markets nationwide. Why not participate in as much of the contract as you can by owning your own surgery center?

NueHealth is partnered with thousands of physicians across the country who are enjoying freedom from working in a large hospital setting, are having more control over the surgical environment they work in, and are participating in ancillary revenue streams based on performing their cases in a facility they have ownership. With record OR turn over times, top in the nation patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction, NueHealth physician partners experience the financial and personal rewards that come with facility ownership.

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