NueHealth partners benefit from our years of research and data collection, including access to all of our market and industry data. We put our research to work by developing models that provide immediate value to facilities. Our Advanced Payment Model (Prospective Bundled Pricing with Warranty) helps our physician partners prepare for the shift to value-based care, and our Advanced Care Model allows for a site of service shift for outpatient cases currently being performed in large hospital settings. It also includes recovery care suites and an Outpatient Total Joint Replacement and Spine program that can be directly implemented in partner facilities. At NueHealth, we actively pursue new research and development initiatives, so our partners are always a step – or more – ahead.

Our research and development platform includes:

  • Advanced Payment Model
  • Facility Readiness Care Pathways
  • Prospective Bundle with Warranty
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Advanced Care Model
  • Recovery Care Suites
  • Outpatient Total Joint Program
  • Outpatient Spine Program

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