As a NueHealth partner, you’ll have access to best-in-class business intelligence tools, including NueHealth Insight, our proprietary tool that shows you and your staff facility performance dashboards in easy-to-read and easy-to-understand graphics. NueHealth Insight includes case costing in a trailing twelve-months format, surgical outcomes, and real-time productivity measures.

You’ll also receive benchmarking and key indicator reports that benchmark our facilities against one another and nationally so that you can see where your facility ranks in the country and against other similarly managed facilities.

With our business intelligence tools, you’ll have access to case volume and net revenue trend reporting in multiple formats – trailing twelve months, quarterly, monthly, and daily – so you always have your finger on the pulse of how your facility is performing.

Our business intelligence platform includes:

  • NueHealth Insight
  • Data Source Connectivity
  • Facility Performance Dashboards
  • Case Costing (Rolling 12)
  • Benchmarking & Key Indicator Reports
  • Surgical Outcomes Data
  • Facility Data Mining
  • Trending & Forecasting
  • Net Revenue Reporting (Rolling 12)


Information technology shouldn’t be overwhelming. At NueHealth, we assist our partners in choosing and implementing the right health information system for their facility, so you’re using the leading technology from the beginning. Our team also provides you with the required HIPAA security measures to ensure your facility and patients are protected.

We value the continuing education of our partners. When your IT systems are implemented, you’ll receive access to an online education tool for you and your staff. In addition to this educational tool, we’ll provide you with a performance evaluation system to track employee and facility goals.

We utilize ECRI best practices to ensure inventory control, and we’ll provide you with a variance reporting system to further improve your patient satisfaction and care.

Our information technology platform includes:

  • HIPAA-Compliant Security
  • Operational Information Systems
  • Variance Reporting System
  • ECRI Reports
  • Online Educational Tool
  • Expense Reporting System
  • Performance Evaluation System
  • Travel Management System
  • Cyber Security