For an existing facility, many of the services included in our management platform may already be implemented in current operations. As part of acquired facility transition, we’ll conduct a full operational assessment of your facility to determine where our management can augment your current operations and where we can add value and provide cost savings to your existing business.

We will implement best practices for the clinical and business office departments, and provide solutions for efficiency and recruitment of case volume that will result in maximized operations and increased returns for all investors.

Our acquired facility transition platform includes:

  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Organizational Documentation Review
  • Compliance & Risk Management Review
  • Material Contract Review
  • Asset Review
  • Reimbursement Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Human Resource Audit
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Property Evaluation
  • Physical Plant Assessment
  • Imaging & Ancillary Review
  • Accounting Audit
  • Legal & Regulatory Audit
  • Revenue Cycle Audit
  • Information Technology Review
  • Health Information System (HIS) Assessment
  • On-Site Operational Review

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